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August 2007

August 20, The News Ethics and agricultural biotechnology
The worldwide debate on the pros and cons of biotechnology has been likened to a battleground and prominent place for virtually every ethical concern. It has stirred conflicting opinions and has polarised sectors not only among stakeholders but even between countries.
August 09, Business Recorder Looming threats on cotton front
MINFAL to introduce a new CCLV-resistant cotton variety next year to control the cotton curl leaf virus (CCLV). Minfal seems to believe Bt cotton is resistant to insects. That may be why Minfal seems to believe that Bt cotton is resistant to insects alone and not to CCLV.
August 06, Dawn Illegal biotech cotton cultivation
THE government has embarked upon on an ambitious plan of "Cotton Vision 2015". It has devised a three-pronged strategy with focus on biotech (Bt) cotton, developing the Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) resistant varieties, and the development of hybrids. The aim is to have 25 per cent area under Bt cotton by 2009.
August 05, Business Recorder Minfal decides to introduce CCLV-resistant Cotton Variety
Minfal was making strenuous efforts to introduce a new CCLV-resistant cotton variety because this virus can not be destroyed by any spray. Sources said growers were blaming the government for not introducing 'BT Cotton' in the domestic market and even some people of the private sector had smuggled BT cotton seed from India. "But BT cotton cannot be resistant to CCLV in any respect. It is resistant to insects only"..
August 03, The Post Ministry forms body to work on BT cotton variety
Federal government Thursday made a committee to work on the introduction of home-grown insect-resistant Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) cotton variety in collaboration with international breeders companies and the committee will present its detailed report to Prime Minister after preparing it within next two weeks.
August 01, The Post Committee formed to approve BT-cotton variety
After the Environment Ministry rejects the approval of BT cotton variety IR-FH-901 on technical grounds, federal government is all out set to start work on another variety. Punjab and Federal Government has asked companies involved in cultivation of Bt cotton to get NOC from the multinational varieties which have right of Bt cotton varieties